A Very Special High Level Computer Language

- or as somebody called it recently:
      a entendable Meta Assembler

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Some Links to Books, SW, Hardware
and some local data


1 .Chuck Moore’ book on Designing Forth


1a. Chuck Moore - Early Years



2. Forth      Why – Why not – Anti-Elitist View – Fun View


3. Starting Forth – Leo Brodie, one of the first Books about Forth




or the original on the FORTH INC website

4. Forth Programmer’s Handbook on FORTH INC.

5. MPE Book  Programming Forth


6. 4e4th - A Forth for Education with IDE for MSP430, based on Camelforth

   and in German


7. eForth


8. Forth in Hardware – MPE

Intersil RTX2010RH in VHDL


9. Bernd Paysan’s Processor b16


10. Green Arrays G144 – 144 Processors on one Chip


11.  ATMEL Arduino FORTH links

       amForth, 1 hour on youtube

12. MSP430 and Forth  - Camelforth


12a. 4E4TH Glossary as PDF

4e4th glossary

12b. 4E4TH Glossary as Excel: here you can mark the words you have used and related ones as they are numbered to refer to, add own comments.


 13. "MSP430 Launchpad Pictures"

 14.   See as well FORTH group on LinkedIN


15. Forth Group Germany (in German)



16. The Laws of Computing - Dr. C.H. Ting,  look from the Forth side

Laws of Computing v4.pdf


more to come soon

This page is work in progress, it will change as it grows 

24 December 2013