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To explain the techniques of Asynchronous Logic we have developed some easy to understand demonstrations as interactive extensions to the articles . These examples use the ABACOM Simulator Digital-ProfiLab 2.0.

You will be able go to the Abacom-website and find the Profilab demo software and the same examples, and also see how all the wires change to high and low state.

Using the inexpensive full version of Digital-ProfiLab, you can even modify these examples and try out your own designs.

These downloads are Win-zip files. To download, right click on button and "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as..." (Netscape Navigator) to an appropriate file on your machine. Create a new folder and then use this as the target to unzip the contents. Before you run the .exe file, please read the READ.ME file.

Basic demo (800KB) download button

Asynchronous logic and Theseus NCL examples (1.1 MB) download button


There are two QuickTime movies demonstrating the principles of Asynchronous Logic:

3 bit adder (766KB) download button

Half adder (3,092KB) download button

If you don't already have QuickTime, you can download a player from the Apple QuickTime site.










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