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Concept Engineering Press Release

Concept Engineering extends range of automatic schematic generation engines and signs three third-party agreements

Freiburg, Germany, 04 July 2003. Concept Engineering, the leader in automatic schematic generation and viewing, has extended its portfolio by adding Perl capability to its Nlview™ Widgets family. The company has also signed third party agreements with Atrenta (San Jose, California), Nassda Corporation (Santa Clara, California) and Prover Technology (Stockholm, Sweden).

Nlview Widgets are GUI building blocks, which allow EDA tools manufacturers to build schematic generation and viewing capabilities into their Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), whichever development environment they are using. Environments supported include Tk, Java, Microsoft's Foundation Classes, Trolltech's Qt Framework and now, with the NlviewPTK Widget, Perl/Tk. Widgets also provide built-in end-user customisable functionality.

"EDA companies are finding it too expensive and time-consuming to develop and maintain their own schematic generation tools," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering. "Using ready-made software components such as the Widgets saves EDA teams a lot of time and money."

Atrenta, Inc. is the first licensee of Concept Engineering's NlviewPTK Widget. Incorporating the NlviewPTK Widget into SpyGlass, allows users to display a schematic of synthesized logic and cross-probe between RTL code and the schematic. Design rule violations are highlighted in both the schematic and the source code so users can better understand design problems and quickly find solutions.

"Our partnership with Concept Engineering has allowed us to quickly expand the capabilities of SpyGlass with a more powerful debug environment" said Ghulam Nurie, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Atrenta. "By integrating Concept Engineering's industry-standard schematic generation and viewing technology with our leading predictive analysis solution, we can help SpyGlass users shorten design and debug time for complex ASICs and SoCs."

Prover Technology has signed an OEM agreement with Concept Engineering for the right to use Concept's NlviewQT Widget in the Prover® equivalence checker. The Widgets immediately gave Prover eCheck advanced and mature schematic viewing capabilities for even further improved debugging.

Gunnar Stalmarck, CEO of Prover Technology, said, "Nlview enables us to offer the most intuitive debugging support without spending time reinventing the wheel."

As well as providing EDA tools developers with visualisation engines, Concept Engineering also provides SpiceVision™ Pro, which produces clean, easy-to-read transistor-level schematics from complex SPICE descriptions.

Nassda Corporation (Nasdaq:NSDA) are now selling SpiceVision PRO integrated with its CRITIC and HANEX digital circuit analysis software under a comprehensive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement.

"Concept Engineering's visualization technology provides the speed, capacity, and ease-of-use that we were seeking for our digital timing analysis solutions," said Nassda CEO Sang Wang. "SpiceVision PRO's interactivity, efficient database, and fast speed combined with Nassda's high-performance timing analysers will allow designers to accurately visualize analysis output and quickly debug critical paths in their designs."

Notes for Editors

About Atrenta

Atrenta's groundbreaking Predictive Analysis technology accelerates the design of SoCs, ASICs and FPGAs by analysing downstream requirements upfront. SpyGlass has been widely adopted by more than 50 of the world's leading electronics companies, including eight of the top ten semiconductor companies. Atrenta was chosen by Venture Reporter as one of the top 100 venture-backed companies for 2002.

For further information, visit the Atrenta website at http://www.atrenta.com, email moreinfo@atrenta.com, or call 408-453-3333.

About Prover Technology

Prover Technology is the world's leading provider of proof engines for tool developers and end users in the EDA and AMD markets. Founded in 1989, Prover Technology is the most experienced company in the field of automated formal verification. Its investors include London-based MVI, and The Swedish Industrial Development Fund. Prover Technology has offices in Silicon Valley, France, and Sweden (HQ). For more information and office locations, visit Prover Technology's web site at http://www.prover.com

About Nassda

Nassda Corporation (Nasdaq: NSDA) is a leading provider of full-chip circuit verification software for complex nanometer semiconductors. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the company develops and markets simulation and analysis solutions for advanced ICs, especially for analog, memory, high-performance digital and mixed-signal SoC designs. Nassda's products enable first silicon success and improve product quality and production yield for its consumer, communication, computer and memory customers. The company has sales and distribution offices throughout the world. For more information about Nassda, please visit the company's website at http://www.nassda.com.

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering is a privately held company based in Freiburg, Germany, founded in 1990 to develop and market innovative schematic generation and viewing technology for use with logic synthesis, verification, test automation and physical design tools. The company's customers are primarily original equipment EDA tool manufacturers (OEMs), in-house CAD tool developers and semiconductor companies. The company is located at Boetzinger Str.29 in Freiburg, Germany. For more information, visit http://www.concept.de

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