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LEDA Systems Press Release

LEDA Systems bolsters position as a top IP provider by listing 75 quality mixed-signal components as 1st instalment

Livingston, SCOTLAND and San Jose, USA - 8th April 2003 - Today the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX) and LEDA systems announced the further strengthening of the aggregated data service available through the VCX, for buyers of IP, with the registration of the first batch of highly rated mixed-signal IP cores and solutions from the Plano Texas based company, on the VCX listing.

This brings the full compliment of LEDA components to almost 70 offerings already, as the total component listing exceeds 1050 individual offerings from over 50 of the leading IP suppliers in the world.

LEDA Systems have profiled more than 70 IP blocks on the VCX TradeFloor. LEDA Systems, recently rated as the number one Analog Mixed Signal IP provider by Gartner Dataquest, has submitted over 70 IP to the VCX.

This represents approximately 20% of the LEDA portfolio. The IP include ADCs, DACS, Crystal Oscillators, PLLS, Power Monitor Control, High Speed Comparators, and a number of Ultra Low Power Digital Libraries.

LEDA will continue to submit new IP to the VCX with focus on Graphics, Wireless, Wireline and Consumer offerings. The SOC community has grown to appreciate the high quality and unique IP offering from LEDA.

Information on these cores will be accessible to the growing number of registered VCX users through the VCX Gateway sites across the Internet. LEDA will also use the VCX TransactionWare supply chain software solution for lead-handling, NDA drafting and data disclosure.

"Having our IP on VCX and available through the VCX Gateway gives us excellent exposure to the SoC design community, and provides an efficient means of maintaining and distributing our data." said Steve Kompolt, Vice President of Marketing for LEDA.

"We have already started using the VCX VC Profiling database to capture our IP data in an industry-standard format and this together with the import and export facilities that VCX provides, have proven to be excellent tools for structuring our data, sharing it internally and for transfer externally."

"Its good to see LEDA reinforcing their commitment to the VCX marketing channel, but it is also great to see the realisation of serious business advantage through the utilisation of the VCX profiling and exchange toolsuite.

Increased efficency, reduced cost of sales and the ability to turn deals around much more quickly is what the VCX software and tools are really about" said Andy Travers, VCX's CEO. "And of course, its great to note that the addition of LEDA's IP to the VCX TradeFloor takes the total number of IP components to well over the 1000 mark, providing buyers with even more quality IP to choose from."

About VCX

The VCX is a provider of custom software solutions for IP exchange and supply chain management, and developer of the central, Internet registry and exchange for semiconductor IP: the VCX TradeFloor.

Powered by VCX TransactionWare, the TradeFloor tools link the Engineering, Procurement and Legal functions of both Buyers and Sellers with a common toolset and language.

Alignment of data evaluation, access and contracting protocols between Buyers and Sellers, using industry standards, dramatically accelerates the speed of SIP transactions, fulfilling the common business imperative of getting more products to market in shorter time cycles.

Distributed Internet access to the VCX TradeFloor is provided through the VCX Gateway - distributing VC data and transaction agents to the web-based market, extending the reach and value for Buyers and Sellers alike. To find out more about the VCX TradeFloor, or VCX software solutions, visit the web site at www.thevcx.com.

About LEDA

LEDA Systems Inc., founded in 1995, is a leader in the field of mixed-signal and analog Intellectual Property design and development. LEDA provides a single comprehensive source for mixed-signal IP from special I/Os, DAC/ADC and PLLs, to high performance Serial Link Transceivers.

LEDA Systems. is a worldwide organization, headquartered in Plano, Texas, with a sales/marketing office in San Jose, Calif., and an engineering branch in Yerevan, Armenia. LEDA has licensed its technology to more than 90 customers including Agilent ® Technologies, Intel ® and LSI Logic ®, for the development, manufacture and sales of high performance ICs. For more information, visit the LEDA Systems Web site at or call 408.275.1416.

For VCX:
Susan Carmichael
Email: susan.carmichael@thevcx.com
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Steve Kompolt
Email: stevek@ledasystems.com
Tel: :001-408-275-1416






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