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The Writing Design Cycle

Writing a technical article or a white paper can be as controlled and managed as any other design project. ExMark has used its skills in technology and writing to develop a Writing Design Cycle that allows the client to retain control of the process without commiting significant resource.

The Cycle

Brief - Design - Manufacturing - Marketing/Sales - Translations

The client needs only be involved in the Brief and for the sign-off at the end of Manufacturing.


Developing the article brief and defining the material necessary is the most difficult and time consuming aspect of the process. An understanding of the technology, the role of the finished item and the audience are all essential if the process is to be successful.

The brief may already be partially determined by the client, or completely developed by ExMark. Once defined it is signed off and forms the basis for the entire project.

Part of the brief is determined after a technical "brain-dump" by appropriate technical staff.


This phase extends the brief by defining the angle, researching additional information, proposing and designing/preparing diagrams, graphics, photographs.


The writing, while requiring specialist skills, is made much more straightforward after a well defined brief and completed design.

The first draft is reviewed by the client, and reiterated by ExMark.


Technical articles need placing with the relevant magazines, Europe-wide. In most cases ExMark will have placed the article before starting to write it. Part of the design phase will have been to agree with the editor on content, required length and targeted audience. As result we write to measure.

The client can be comfortable that his investment will be working hard.


Technical articles are difficult to translate. We offer the technical background and the language skills in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish to translate and place articles.

The CVs of some of the associates/partners are on our website and we can provide references and examples of previous work when required.






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