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Juergen Pintaske

Juergen Pintaske has a strong grounding in design, sales and marketing, providing the ideal mix for high technology Marketing communications

After studies in Aachen/Germany as Dipl.-Ing. Nachrichtentechnik (telecoms), Juergen designed systems in analog/digital and microprocessor technology.

He then changed roles to work as an applications engineer at RCA in Brussels and in strategic marketing and LSI/VLSI marketing at Hitachi in Munich (with responsibilities for Southern Europe, down to Israel and South Africa).

At Hughes Microelectronics, he acted as Senior Sales Engineer for mixed-signal ASICs, hybrids and system manufacturing, selling to companies like Märklin, Jumptec and DASA.

Selling design services for Mixed Mode ASIC Design, prototyping boards and software development added another facet to his experience.

Marketing Communications was always in the back of his mind - basically adding to the nominal assignment at Hitachi, Hughes and Mixed Mode.

Then he changed to the "third side of the coin", moved to the UK and worked for 4 years as Account Director and German Country Manager for a technical marketing agency.

Here he used his technical background to design briefs for articles and especially make sure that in the sign-off language, usually English, the content was the same as the French and German translations.

Some examples of Marcom/Account experience:

RCA - writing technical articles and supporting application notes. Juergen wrote the only applications book, the BMP802, for the first CMOS microprocessor - the RCA CDP1802.

Hitachi - here Juergen wrote many articles about speech chips and others. He took over the MarCom department and was additionally responsible for press conferences, European-wide product events, advertising, electronica and setting up a consultant network.

Hughes Microelectronics - What do you do, if you have to sell the non-military products of a company that is only known in the military segment? In addition to the sales activities, one has to start a promotional plan including PRs, articles, seminars, exhibitions like electronica and SMT/ASIC/Hybrid. Here the good contact with the German editors established at Hitachi had to used and improved. They had to be convinced that the product news was worth publishing. Advertising had to be defined and implemented on a low budget, which meant using existing data and PageMaker.

Mixed Mode ASIC Design - Design Services are difficult to sell, especially if the name is not well known in the European market. So on top of the sales function a MarCom plan had to be defined and executed, feeding all the relevant information into a graphics department. It meant generating all the sales material, organising seminars about VHDL and design services, organising special events like the "VHDL Lane" at SMT Nuremberg together with partners such as EM, Cypress, Gatefield and TI.

Marketbroad Communications - Here at the agency it was possible to maximise the technical contents and the quality of translations of articles, work with all the relevant German editors and support press conferences and the partnering events of clients like Astec, SDS, Wind River Systems, ESL/Celoxica, NRTA/LiveDevices, Hyperstone and Smart Network Devices.

Juergen is married to a graphics designer. They got to know each other when they had to work very closely while preparing for electronica.

Juergen Pintaske is:

a personal member of edacentrum

an Associate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Contact him at juergen@exemark.com






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